Make Sioux Falls a Better Place for People

For a myriad of reasons, more people are choosing healthy transportation in Sioux Falls.  Help make our home a better place by supporting streets designed for people.

The number of people riding bikes in Sioux Falls is growing. It is possible to make healthy transportation work even in a car-centric city like Sioux Falls. Everyday people ride to work, school, the grocery store and more.  There are many safe bicycle routes already in place that provide relaxed and pleasant passage for bicycles.

Street design since the 70’s has overwhelmingly focused on moving the automobile faster and more efficiently through our city. Street design focused solely on the car has effectively made choosing healthy transportation such as walking and bicycling highly unpleasant and in some places dangerous.  Building newer, wider, and faster roads has become so expensive to the point we cannot even afford to fix the roads we’ve already built.  It’s time to move toward designing our city for people, not just cars.

BikeSiouxFalls strives to raise awareness in Sioux Falls that complete streets which value all road users can make Sioux Falls stronger, save tax payers money, raise the level of wellness, and save lives.  The City of Sioux Falls is making strides toward better street design, but there is much that could be done.

BikeSiouxFalls stands to represent the people in Sioux Falls who want to feel safe riding a bicycle, walking on a sidewalk, or otherwise moving about our great city.

We connect with our neighbors, build vibrant communities, and live healthier lives when we get out of our cars. strives to nudge the conversation toward better streets and healthier lives for people.