Sioux Falls Bike Rack Map

A Map of Bike Racks in Sioux Falls.

Have you ever wanted to ride your bike somewhere but don’t know if there will be a bike rack when you get there? This is a crowd sourced map of bike racks in Sioux Falls. All photos have been submitted by riders like you. This isn’t every rack in town so please submit pictures so we can continue to add to the map. Only submit files you have the rights to.

Send the location and a picture (if you have one) to We’ll keep updating the map as more and more businesses recognize the value in providing services to bicyclists.

Smile, have fun, ride safely, and follow all rules of the road.

Support Business that Support Bicycling

Encourage the businesses you frequent to provide parking for bicycles and support the business who do. Thanks to Clint Kolda for being the administrator of this map.

A full bike rack at Monk’s House of Ale Repute