Beyond the Bike Trail

There’s not much better than getting out for a spin around our wonderful bike trail in Sioux Falls. But our trail becomes an even bigger asset when you use it as a jumping off place to all the other wonderful places Sioux Falls has to offer. Here is a list of some of our favorite Sioux Falls destinations you can easily reach with a short ride beyond the trail.

Ice Cream and Bakeries

Sweet treats at Half-Baked Cupcakes downtown on Phillips Ave. makes a great stop on your loop around the trail.

Everyone loves a bit of a treat when out on the bicycle, and what better than the classic bicycle treat, ice cream. Plus you’ve earned it right? There are several sweet locations easily accessible through out the city.  Places like Queen City Bakery, Flyboy Donuts, Cold Stone Creamery, Half Baked, and Oh My Cupcakes make venturing off the bike trail well worth it.

Any Coffee Shop

The city recently paved an exit ramp off the trail almost to the front door of Coffea on Louise. It’s a great stop when you’re out.

There are so many great stops in Sioux Falls to satisfy your coffee cravings. Places like Josiah’s and Coffea are right next to the bike trail and even have bike racks. Black Sheep, Kaladis and most of our chains are easily reachable from low volume streets. Lazy weekends are perfect for rides for coffee. We even have the wonderful Saturday Coffee Shop Ride on the last Saturday of every month.


There is something satisfying about doing your grocery shopping with your bicycle. Maybe it’s the feeling of doing something so many others think can be only accomplished with a car. It’s not as hard as it sounds. All you need is a rear rack and a couple of inexpensive panniers (rack mounted bags) or even a comfortable backpack will fit a few staples. One of our newest stores, Aldi on Louise, is right off the bike trail and has bike racks. Most of our Hy-Vee and Fareway stores have low volume side street access and they all have bicycle parking.

Romantic Evenings and Dinner Out

McNally’s is a little farther off the trail, but as your confidence grows most any Sioux Falls cafe is a great place to ride too.

An evening out with your sweetie is extra special when you combine it with  bicycles. There are many fine dining choices downtown: Bros, Parkers, Minervas, JL Beers and more all easily accessible from the trail. Or start with places right on the trail like Beef O’Bradys, Bracco, Starz, Johnny Carino’s, Olive Garden, Fuddruckers, or Puerto Vallarta. As your confidence increases, you can make any Sioux Falls restaurant your date night location.

Any Library

The Main Branch library in downtown Sioux Falls always has a full rack of riders taking advantage of the library’s services.

Sioux Falls has five libraries within the city limits and all have great bicycle parking facilities. The Downtown branch as well as Ronning and Caille branch are located near the bike trail. Oak View and Prairie West are located on quiet residential streets. Combining books and bikes is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Theaters, Museums, and Concerts

A group from the MinusCar Project’s Saturday Coffee Shop Ride pedals past the Denny Sanford Premiere Center.

Downtown First Friday Block Parties, Event Center concerts, theater at the Washington Pavilion, and many other entertainment events are great fun, located near trail access, and are all accessible easily by bicycle. No need to fight traffic and search for parking when you can quickly and safely park your bicycle right near the front door of your venue.


Want to take it even further? Starting off and finishing a day of work on a bicycle is a great way to integrate the bicycle into your daily routine.  It’s possible to find routes to most places in Sioux Falls which utilize mostly residential streets and the bike trail. Several studies show that commuters who arrive by bicycle are happier and more productive than their counterparts. Give it a try; you’ll arrive refreshed and with extra energy to take on the day.

Next Steps

As you venture farther and farther beyond the trail you’ll realize how easy it is to reach most places in Sioux Falls without a car. If you’re looking to become even more comfortable riding Sioux Falls streets. our local bicycle group, Falls Area Bicyclists, periodically offers a fun and informative class on safe cycling. It’s well worth the time if you really want to explore on two wheels.

Now get out there and ride. The more Sioux Falls bicyclists, the better the conditions get for all of us. See you out there!